Welcome to SandCassels in the Sand, my little blog on the Canucks. No promises, but I’ll attempt to write articles semi-regularly.

A little bit about me:

I’m a college student who is a huge Canucks fan (not limited, though – the Red Wings, Avalanche, and Senators). My favourite prospect is, as you’ve probably guessed, Cole Cassels – which, he had a great performance in the OHL Playoffs and the Memorial Cup this year.

I have my own version of weekly power rankings, which will – pardon my pun – power up once the season starts in October.

Among other hockey jerseys, I’ve got three from the Canucks – A 40th Anniversary jersey, a Millionaires throwback jersey, a Ryan Kesler home sweater (quack quack), and I’m always looking to collect more! I used to be an avid hat collector, with my most recent having the Johnny Canuck patch on the front.

That’s as much as I can say right now; you’ll probably learn more about me as time goes on.

Go Canucks Go!


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